Ed's Photos

I've been very fortunate. I just wish I'd had a camera with me all the time.

Young Ed at the family Conn 'theater' organ, c. 1967

Benjamin Franklin Junior High yearbook photo, Ridgewood, NJ 1972

Ludwig Theodore Alstrom, 1920-1991. My dad, the man who gave me the gift of music. Would that he had given me the handyman gifts.

Dad and me at our home on Hope St. in Ridgewood, NJ.

The Vivino Brothers, who got a lot of things started and made a lot of things happen for me. CLOCKWISE from upper left: me, Frank Pagano, Jimmy Vivino, Jerry Vivino, c. 1977

The classic MR. CLEEN promo shot, c. 1978, taken at the site of a burned down building on Market St. in Paterson. This picture was actually displayed in the lobbies of clubs we would play in! We had the white tuxes rented for a prom we had the play that night.

The pit band for THE UNCLE FLOYD SHOW when it played live in the early 80s! L to R: Mike Morreale (tpt), Jimmy Vivino (gtr), me (piano), Frank Pagano (dr), Jerry Vivino (sax).

MR. CLEEN live, with my buddy from high school SPEEDO (Emilio Fandino) out front doing his Elvis thing, at West's Sea Cove, Little Falls, NJ, 1977.

My amazing much better half, Maxine, September 29, 1985.

Max in her days as keyboard player for Larry and the Exciters.

Max and I working for Casio at a Caldor store somewhere in Massachussets, c. 1986.

Max with - that's right - the Count himself, Count Basie.

Ed jamming with Herbie Hancock at a Casio dealer dinner in 1990 in Frankfurt, Germany. I was his bass player and drummer using Casio samplers. Perhaps my greatest thrill ever as a musician.

Ed with Donald Fagen (Steely Dan) at the Lone Star Cafe in NYC, c. 1988.

Ed with Dion DiMucci after a concert at Garden State Arts Center, c. 1987. Dion asked Ed back on stage as an encore, and they did 'Abraham, Martin & John' as a duo with no rehearsal.

Ed did a slew of clinics in 1988 for Casio at music stores with the great Stanley Jordan, who was under contract as an endorsee. Between Stanley playing two guitars at once and Ed doing an entire rhythm section live on samplers, it was quite a show.

Ed at a Casio demo in NYC, c. 1987. Boy, was Casio a big thing back then.

I never made it to the Brill Building, but does this count? Downtown Caldwell, NJ.

Ed with two absolute giants in the development of the synthesizer, Tom Oberhiem and Bob Moog, whom I worked with individually on a Casio synth design project that never made it to market. On the right is Mr. Goto from Japan.

In 1986, Ed toured with the late Peter Hoffmann all over Germany and Austria. Peter was the ranking Wagnerian tenor in the world, but had a concurrent career as a pop singer, and that's what this 3-month tour was, with Ed as Musical Director. This is the triple platinum live album from that tour.

Ed & Stanley Jordan, Casio clinic, Detroit, 1989With the amazing songwriter Ellie GreenwichDenny Doherty, lead voice of the Mamas & Papas, with our cat ZipThe pit of The proof that I did indeed conduct With the "Voice of GodMax at the old Yankee Stadium, now at the Yogi Berra Museum in Montclair, NJTHe 2009 NYY World Championship float!Interviewing Cyril Neville at WFDU, 2013With the amazing Les Paul at Iridiumt the Rainbow Room Wurlitzer Theater Organ, Rahway NJCredit at the end of the movie '42'.With the great Suzyn Waldman, NYY radio voice, 2019With Bettye Lavette at Madison Square Garden, 2018Nina, Max, Ed & Sophie at Lincoln Center after Darlene Love concert, December 2008Chris Chambliss. Mickey Rivers, Ed Sophie, and Oscar Gamble, NYY Fantasy Camp, 2006The Mighty Chumpot, Loop Lounge, Passaic NJ, 2000The classic Acid Cabaret Lineup: Jeff Ganz, Ed, Don GuintaEd on MLB TV, Opening Day, 2017The fabulous Austin/Skinner pipe organ at Centrsal Presbyterian in MontclairWith the Harmonious Five at Mexicali Live, Teaneck 2012With the one and only ? (Rudy Martinez), frontman on the Mysterians. One of the best live shows ever, Club Bene, Perth AmboyOn the air at WFDU-FM, 2015With Eddie Brigati of the Rascals, Ruthie's BBQ, Montclair, 2016