Ed played nearly every day live on Facebook at Noon Eastern Time
from May~September of 2020, and occasionally thereafter.
Called DAILY DOSE OF B3, Ed played his Hammond B-3 Organ
with occasional guest drummers.
The DOSES are also archived on YouTube at:

Ed Alstrom is the Music Program Coordinator at
since September 11, 2016.

At this beautiful and historic church in the heart of Montclair, Ed will be playing their magnificent E.M. Skinner/Austin pipe organ and Steinway piano, directing their fabulous choirs, and facilitating greater congregational involvement in the music program. Come and check out a Sunday service at 10am!
Services during the Pandemic of 2020 are on FACEBOOK live on Sunday mornings.

Hear the music by clicking here!

46 Park St. (corner of Claremont), Montclair, NJ 07042


GIGS will hopefully be starting up again soon, and will be posted here when they do.


Ed will start his 18th season tickling the ivories of the mighty HAMMOND ELEGANTE at YANKEE STADIUM, on Saturdays, Sundays, and some weekdays here and there.
A 15-minute spot about an hour before game time, and of course, rousing renditions of "Happy Birthday" in the middle of the 6th, and "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" in the middle of the 7th (all 45,000 fans singing lustily along!!).

Info about the team, of course, is at

CDs :
If you are interested in purchasing any of these,
for now the only way is to drop me an
email at ed@edalstrom.com.

THE HARMONIOUS FIVE CD: Wanna Hear You Say Yeah!

Ed Alstrom (guitar), Dave Keyes (piano), Mark Berger (bass), Frank Pagano (drums) -
all singing, all the time!

The Harmonious 5's passion for "vintage R&B" is displayed in these grooves, and an irresistible energy and danceable beat is maintained throughout. These fellows from New Jersey sing and play their instruments (simultaneously) with a "joie de vivre" which we hope will bring you great joy in listening and partying.

Produced by The Harmonious Five
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Mark Berger

1 The Real Thing (Lowman Pauling)
2 Down in the Alley (Jesse Stone)
3 Truck & Trailer (Aaron Collins, Jr.)
4 Go Ahead and Burn (Robert 'Bob' Moore)
5 Idol With The Golden Head (Leiber, Stoller)
6 Greasy Chicken (Andre Williams)
7 Miss Sticks (Raymond Lewis, Naomi Neville)
8 Move Mr. Man (Rebecca Nichols, Berry Gordy, Jr.)
9 Johnny Little (Chris Kenner)
10 Thing-A-Ma-Jig (Christopher Harris Jr.)
11 I Got To Learn To Mambo (Syd Wyche, Joyce Bennett)
12 Put A Chain On It (Andre Williams)
13 Miss Sticks Again (Raymond Lewis, Naomi Neville)
14 Don't Be Ashamed (Lowman Pauling)
15 Young Blood (J. Leiber, M. Stoller, J. Pomus)
16 Thirty Second Lover (Lowman Pauling)
17 Sent Up (Lance Finnie, Mack Rice)

LEAD VOCALS: FP (track 5), MB (track 10), DK (track 15), EA (all others)


This is Ed's first CD featuring him on Hammond Organ, and here he is joined by the prodigious talents of Charlie Jones on guitar and Don Guinta on drums. The material is mostly originals by Ed, with a couple by Charlie, and 3 cover songs.
Musically, it's all over the map (if you know Ed, you'd probably expect that it would be), and attempts to operate within the grand organ trio tradition while infusing it with a rawness and energy not always heard in that bag.

Tempted? Wanna hear some? Click below for a sample of the first cut:
"Smokers Hack"


Acid Cabaret.

Ed Alstrom - Acid Cabaret (2003)

Personnel: Ed Alstrom (piano, vocals); Jeff Ganz (bass); Don Guinta (drums).

  1. If You Give Me Your Attention (William S. Gilbert - Sir Arthur Sullivan) - Music Clip
  2. Woman Trouble (Alvin Lee) - Music Clip
  3. Acid Cabaret (Ed Alstrom) - Music Clip
  4. Everything I've Got (Richard Rodgers - Lorenz Hart)
  5. On The Street Where You Live (Alan Jay Lerner - Frederick Loewe) - Music Clip
  6. This Nearly Was Mine (Richard Ridgers - Oscar Hammerstein)
  7. Still Of The Night (Joe Sharone) - Music Clip
  8. Tight Woman (Joseph Pleasant, aka Cousin Joe)
  9. Trapped In A Good Marriage (Ed Alstrom)
  10. Falling Leaves (Frankie Carle - Mack David)
  11. Stupid Day (Ed Alstrom)
  12. Had You Told It Like It Was (Gene Redd - Sonny Thompson)
  13. Theme From An Imaginary Western (Jack Bruce - Peter Brown)
  14. Azalea (Duke Ellington)
  15. People Gonna Talk (William Wheeler - Lee Dorsey - Morris Levy - Clarence L. Lewis)
  16. Somewhere In America (David Was - Don Was)
  17. My Mumblin' Baby (Ridu Green)

Ed Alstrom - The Record People Are Coming - (1996)

The "Acid Cabaret" concept in its infancy, circa 1996. Comprised mostly of Alstrom originals, plus covers of songs by Duke Ellington, and Percy Mayfield. A bit ahead of its time (a nice way of saying it was too obtuse, personal, and overboard for most listeners), it holds up nicely today as a fascinating curio, and the breeding ground from whence Acid Cabaret sprung.

Features 2 songs that have remained in the A.C. repertoire, "Stupid Day" and "Trapped In A Good Marriage."

Personnel: Ed Alstrom (piano, vocals); Chris Meyers (bass); Frank Pagano (drums)
Tracks: Piano Whore; Trapped In A Good Marriage; Stupid Day; Solitude; The Record People Are Coming; 8-Ball Motel; Fully Cured Romantic; Prayer; Buley's Formula Hotel Del Centro; Burning Embers; I Made It Just The Same; I'll Wait; Morning.



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